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New York Radio Station 710AM

New York City Real Estate Forum
June 28, 2018

22nd Annual Anniversary Party
January 22, 2018

Book Signing Event for ‘The Deal’
November 29, 2012

NY-1 Real Estate Report – Land Lease Buildings Can Offer Hidden Perks – 04/29/2011
By: Jill Urban

Prudential Douglas Elliman presents:
Give Diligence Its Due:
The Power of Doing your Homework

with: Laura Scott & Lior Aldad, Esq.


2106, 2012 – Real Estate Section

Real Estate Q & A BY JAY ROMANO JUNE 21, 2012   A Day Care Business in the Co-op Above Q: I live in a co-op building in Washington Heights. There is a day care [...]

2302, 2012 – Real Estate Section

Real Estate Q & A BY JAY ROMANO FEBRUARY 23, 2012 New Co-op Policy for Studios Q: With board approval, I bought a studio in a Manhattan co-op in 2002 as a pied-à-terre. Several years [...]

1310, 2011 – Real Estate Section

Real Estate Q & A BY JAY ROMANO OCTOBER 13, 2011 Getting a Copy of Bylaws and Lease Q: Can a co-op refuse to provide a copy of the bylaws and proprietary lease to a [...]

109, 2011

THE COOPERATOR | The Co-Op and Condo Monthly

GROUNDED FOR LIFE Where Home is in a Land-Leased Building By Debra A. Estock September, 2011 Most cooperatives and condominiums in New York City traditionally own both the building and the land around it. There [...]

307, 2011

New York Magazine Online –

BY S. JHOANNA ROBLEDO July 3, 2011 When You Rent *and* Own   Is leased land under a building a reason to get cold feet? Or a bargain opportunity? The invitation for the cocktail party [...]

107, 2011


BY SARABETH SANDERS July 1, 2011 Azure sees signs of life   A tragic crane collapse behind it, the UES cond-op begins turnaround, but still faces challengesh A luxury apartment building towering 34 boxy stories [...]

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