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BY S. JHOANNA ROBLEDO July 3, 2011 When You Rent *and* Own   Is leased land under a building a reason to get cold feet? Or a bargain opportunity? The invitation for the cocktail party at the Azure, a new Upper East Side condop building, called for a celebration — “Una Gran Fiesta!” — but [...]

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BY SARABETH SANDERS July 1, 2011 Azure sees signs of life   A tragic crane collapse behind it, the UES cond-op begins turnaround, but still faces challengesh A luxury apartment building towering 34 boxy stories above low-rise Yorkville shops, Azure has always been nondescript by design, and yet theatrically imposing in reality. Launched in 2007, [...]

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NewYorkTimes.com – Real Estate Section


Real Estate Q & A BY JAY ROMANO June 16, 2011 Extending the Date for a Co-op Closing   Q: I’m buying a co-op, and the contract sets the closing on or about Aug. 1. I have heard that I can get an automatic extension of the date for 30 days without requesting an extension [...]

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NewYorkTimes.com – Real Estate Section


Real Estate Q & A BY JAY ROMANO February 17, 2011 A Package Is Stolen From a Storage Area   Q: What happens if the doorman in a co-op signs for a package and it is then stolen from the storage area? Is the co-op responsible? A: “If a doorman accepts and signs for a [...]

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NewYorkTimes.com – Real Estate Section


Real Estate Q & A BY JAY ROMANO September 24, 2010 A Repair Needed by Next Summer   Q: The air-conditioners in our co-op building are installed in sleeves in the wall beneath windows. The sleeve in my apartment was rotted and needed to be replaced. The board decided that it was my responsibility. Is [...]

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The New York Times Online – Real Estate Section


BY JAY ROMANO April 9, 2010 Bright Lights and Thorny Neighbors   Q: Recently, the owners of the building across from my Hell’s Kitchen apartment installed extremely bright spotlights on the outside of their building. Now the lights are shining directly into my apartment. I complained to the building’s management office, and they told me [...]

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By Sarah Ryley January 1, 2010 A Manhattan apartment for the price of a car? Co-ops, once thought to be immune, now more vulnerable to foreclosure Amongst a handful of onlookers huddled around an auctioneer in the rotunda of the New York State Supreme Courthouse last month, a real estate investor placed the winning bid [...]

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The New York Times Online – Real Estate Section NewYorkTimes.com


BY JAY ROMANO July 24, 2009 Too Many Kitchens in the Apartment   Q: One of my friends recently expanded her apartment by buying an adjacent apartment. She was told that she would have to remove the second kitchen because there is a New York law that prohibits two kitchens in one apartment. Is this [...]

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The New York Times Sunday Edition NewYorkTimes.com


BY JAY ROMANO February 20, 2009 How to Handle Unresolved Repairs   Q: One of our co-op owners has sent the board, through a lawyer, a laundry list of items she wants fixed in our building and is refusing to pay maintenance until all items are addressed. What is her — and the board’s — [...]

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